Image by Vernon Raineil Cenzon

1 Million Bottles Sold in July!

July 31,2020

A Record Setting Month!!! We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our Customers, Retailers, Distributors, Vendors, Suppliers, Communities, Families and Friends!! Please continue to support the Eleven86 Real Artesian Water Movement!! Join us and change your lifestyle!! 


Eleven86 Real Artesian Water Honors the Late John Lewis

July 26, 2020

The late Congressman John Lewis laid in state at the Alabama State Capitol Building on Sunday from 3pm to 7pm. Guess who got tapped as the hydration choice: Alabama Official State Water: Eleven86 Real Artesian Water!! What a blessing to be apart of this moment in history!! We salute a warrior of the Civil Rights Movement and current equality for all men! Job Well Done Congressman John Lewis, Job Well Done!!


Six Million Bottles Shipped!

July 9, 2020

This plateau is for all the customers, retailers, vendors, suppliers, communities, families, friends, neighbors and colleagues of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water!! We are extremely grateful, appreciative and thankful!!

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Five Million Bottles Shipped!

April 29, 2020

5,000,000th Bottle Shipped!!! The mighty Bama Bud of Selma grabbed a cool 22 pallets of Ultra Premium Eleven86 Real Artesian Water. THANK YOU to all our Customers, Communities, Retailers, Distributors, Brand Ambassadors, Vendors, Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues for making Eleven86 a successful brand!! Please continue to support us during this pandemic era. Let us focus on safety, well-being, hope and faith! We could not do it without you!!


Eleven86 Real Artesian Water Day!

August 3rd, 2020

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water Day within the city of Houston!! Proclamation granted by Former Councilman Dwight Boykin on August 2nd, 2019! One year later the vision is great!!