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Community Involvement 

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water has always taken pride in knowing that we  aren't doing this is for ourselves but for the community, to leave an impact for generations to prosper from. Our aim is to leave a positive lasting impact for future generations.

The development of Eleven86 will have a significant impact on the local community. As a valuable source of some of the Purest Water on the Planet, MRaine Industries intends to revitalize economic growth in surrounding areas through the support of Alabama businesses and organizations.


What we bring to the community:

  • Jobs

  • Charity Sponsorships

  • Business to local businesses

  • School business seminars

  • Student Scholarships

  • Community Events

  • College Internships

  • Local sports sponsorship

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Benefits of knowing owners

  • Improvement in Economy

  • Local Improvement

  • A Locally Made Product

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