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Our Community

We don't define community as a place but as a people. 

Community Involvement 

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water has always taken pride in knowing that we aren't doing this for ourselves but for the community, to leave an impact for generations to prosper. We aim to leave a positive lasting impact on future generations.

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What We Provide to the Community: 

  • Local Jobs

  • Charity Sponsorships

  • Student Scholarships

  • Community Events

  • Local Sports Sponsorships

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Owner Community Involvement

  • Improvement in Economy

  • Local Restoration

  • Locally Made Product

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Serving the Community

Eleven86 Water has supplied numerous jobs to people in the local community, donations to those in need, and countless opportunities for growth. We make it our mission to ensure we are leaving a positive impact.

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water Annual Fall Festival

Providing a safe fun environment for all of the local children and their families to enjoy candy, costumes, and good fun.

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Eleven86 Water Annual Holiday Giveaways

Giving back to the community that gives so much. Taking the opportunity to be a blessing during the season of giving.

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