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Dana M.

Tried the water yesterday. I drank 2 bottles of it before I knew it. The water is so fresh and you don't test no chemicals the water taste like my ma use to be well water. I purchased 2 of the 24 packs and looking forward too buying more. This time if I can get some assistance with lifting them I'm going get me 4 pack. Thank y'all for coming out with a water I don't mind drinking.

Monya W.

I buy the water at Food Outlet . It's the best water I have had . It's a smooth clean water . Most water companies have " Bottled at the source " on their lables but Eleven 86 water is really bottled at the source . We love it .

Phyliss W.

I only ordered one case because 1. I wasn’t sure, and 2. Shipping to my area cost more than the case. This is the best water I’ve ever had! Hopefully I can get my local grocery to stock it, until then I will just pay the shipping. I will be ordering again. It’s worth it!!!
So fresh!❤️

Dorothy H.

I love this water! The bottles are unique and firm. The Bible chapter and verse # printed in the cap, was a pleasant surprise. 😊🤗❤️

Israelia B.

The bottling for this water is firm / [non - flimsy] - high quality. The water's taste is well delivered. What I love 💕 about, Eleven86 H2O is the double treat you get while enjoying it. If you look under the cap of each bottle before drinking it - you will find a different hidden biblical scripture for encouragement. I'm so glad I crossed path's with this water. So glad. Cheers 🌹

Kayla L.

We love the water! So clear and crisp. Love that it’s from here in Alabama and the Bible verses had us looking up scripture to share while we traveled. Thanks!

Vale I.

Tasted different types of waters and decided to try this one bought 5 cases and this one is my favorite! So refreshing no chemicals just fresh tasting water!
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