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Eleven86 and Your Health

Water is essential for life.  Water is not only needed to quench your thirst but is also mandatory for the proper functioning of almost every part of the human body.   The water composition in our bodies varies from 75% in infants, 60-65% in adults and about 55% in the elderly.   As a physician, I regularly encourage my patients to drink water on a daily.  Children need at least 16 oz while most teens and adults require 48 -64 oz per day.  (Infants receive their water requirements from breast milk and formula until advised by a physician.)

After extensive  studying  and researching the various water in the marketplace, the choice is clear.  Eleven86 artesian water is a elite source in reference to  health, purity.  While it is true that water can be derived from various sources such as beverages, fruits and vegetables, Eleven86 artesian  water in its organic  form is considered the best. If ingested alone and on an empty stomach, water passes into the blood in as little as 5 min without requiring any energy or metabolic processes. From maintaining the cardiovascular system and assisting the immune system to regulating digestion and body temperature, water is a mandatory element  for our bodies. Because of Eleven86 artesian water, we not only survive……we thrive!

Tabitha B. Fortt, M.D.

Family Physician


Dr. Tabitha B. Fortt, MD

Tabitha B. Fortt, M.D.

The Purpose of Water in the Body

  • You may wonder if water is really that necessary.  Well, here are some areas that require water so that the body may work properly and efficiently:

  • Regulation of body temperature through sweating 

  • Helps to maintain normal blood pressure, heart rate and heart function

  • Carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells

  • Lubricate joints

  • Provides moisture to certain area (mouth/nose/eyes/skin)

  • Provides protective cushion for organs like the brain to prevent trauma

  • Helps to prevent constipation

  • Helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients to be used by the body

  • Helps the kidneys and the liver to detoxify the blood and remove waste from the body

  • Assists the immune system in preventing and fighting infections

By: Dr. Tabitha B. Fortt, M.D. Family Physician

Tabitha B. Fortt, M.D.

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